Gold Meat Belgium N.V. was established in 1972 and specialises in producing traditional brawn products. In the niche market area of gelatine and aspic products, Gold Meat is today the market leader in the Benelux. We are also the largest exporter in the Benelux of gelatine products to countries such as France and Germany.

The mainstay of our success can be attributed to:

  • the traditional preparation processes
  • the unique taste
  • the quality of the meat

Gold Meat is successful in continuing to make its products with respect for the trade and craftsmanship. The majority of the preparation process is still done manually. The production equipment is largely automated and includes the latest technical innovations.

The completely renovated business premises cover more than 6,000 m² on a site of more than 21,000 m². The companies together have about 50 employees.

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Industrieweg 6
3550 Heusden Zolder

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