Product innovation

Traditional gelatine products always appealed to older, male customers. But the range we offer now can appeal to younger people and also women. We supply an updated range of products that comes in innovative, resealable packaging.

  • Low-fat, low-calorie and wellness
  • Ham with onion
  • Turkey with pickled pearl onions
  • Lemon chicken

Production innovation

We have designed a completely new pickling method and machine in cooperation with the IWT, which is aimed at cutting back the salt content. The pickling is done at 300 bar and without using needles.

Moreover, it provides additional advantages:

  • Reduced water consumption
  • Less water to be filtered
  • Reduced salt consumption

We have a number of different projects in the pipeline. Don't forget to visit our website to stay up to date with the latest developments.

Soon to be featured: membrane filtration / high pressure pasteurisation / microwave tumbler.

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