Recipe Waldorf

Ghent brawn meets 'Waldorf’


  • 1 block of 400 grams of TRENDITION Ghent brawn
  • 1 red onion
  • 2 firm oranges
  • 100 g celeriac
  • 40 g chopped walnut
  • Chinese cabbage
  • A piece of Vieux Chimay cheese
  • 2 dl low fat yogurt
  • Teaspoon mustard
  • Fresh chives


  • Cut the oranges into skinless sections and squeeze out the remaining juice.
  • Peel and chop up the onion and cut the celeriac into narrow strips (julienne).
  • Select four nice looking Chinese cabbage leaves and remove the thick vein.
  • Arrange the onion, celeriac and orange sections inside the cabbage leaf and then it roll up.
  • Tie it together with chives.
  • Making the vinaigrette: blend the yogurt with the orange juice, the chopped chives, the chopped walnut, and the mustard.
  • Cut the TRENDITION Ghent brawn into strips.


  • Arrange the strips of TRENDITION Ghent brawn with a roll of cabbage on top.
  • Finish with the vinaigrette and Vieux Chimay strips.

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