About us


Gold Meat Belgium S.A. was founded in 1972 as a company specialising in the production of artisanal head products. Today, in the niche of jelly & aspic products, Gold Meat Belgium is the market leader in the Benelux. We are also the largest exporter of jelly products in the Benelux and to countries such as Germany & France.

The cornerstones of success were laid at the outset:

  • the artisanal preparation process
  • the unique flavour
  • the quality of the meat

Gold Meat has managed to continue producing its products with respect for craftsmanship. Large parts of the preparation process are still done manually. However, the production equipment is thoroughly automated (divided into four separate compartmentalised zones) and equipped with the latest technological innovations. The recently built high-care and clean room is permamentally supplied with filtered air and 3 robots have been employed since 2 years.

NV Gold Meat Belgium's new business premises cover more than 6 000 m² on a site of more than 21 000 m². Nv Gold Meat Belgium employs about 40 people.


Gold Meat Belgium wants to secure its leadership position in Benelux and strengthen its position in Europe.

  • We respond to eating habits, current trends and local needs.
  • We believe in innovation.
  • We keep innovating to make better and better products.
  • We pursue the highest quality by imposing the highest standards of hygiene, food safety, control and traceability of our meat parts.
  • We want to actively contribute to Sustainable Food in an ecologically responsible framework.
  • We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility


At Gold Meat Belgium, we invest continuously in our production processes. We set the highest standards for our suppliers and during the production process we check more than 500 quality parameters. All our raw materials are perfectly traceable.

By installing a clean room, we already meet the highest possible future quality standards. A cleanroom ensures optimum filtered air and minimal contact with external factors. This standard has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for some time, Gold Meat / Delitrade being one of the first to introduce the cleanroom to the food industry.

To meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, we work with skilled and well-trained people. That is why we invest permanently in training and education. A better team, makes a better product.

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